About the Author

About the Author

Denis’s Bio



Denis P. Ivanov is the creator of the Learning To Know Russian™ system, book author and course designer. He is an enthusiast and researcher of language learning methods.
Denis holds two higher degrees and has a bunch of certifications. He has devoted years to language learning R&D.

What Denis loves doing:


  • Researching and writing super-long and serious articles about Russian language

  • Creating multimedia courses when he has some free time

  • Publishing articles all the time, adding to the never-ending wealth of information on the web.


The goal of my research and work is to make Russian learning effective and effortless… at least painless. To create a system that lets any willing student speak Russian like a native.

-- Denis P. Ivanov



Denis is the founder and creator of Learning To Know PTY LTD. He is the organiser and creator of: 

The learningtoknowrussian.com blog. A blog to help you learn and understand Russians

‘Russian Program for Fluency’ Udemy course.  Teaching you to use your knowledge to speak fluent Russian.

30 lessons and 10 situations that will help any tourist or traveller in Russia.  

Learning To Know Russian™. A system for learning Russian that helps anyone learn Russian quickly and effectively. 


Denis is a speaker that really knows his stuff and has a lot to say on the topic! When speaking, he sets out the rules for effective language learning. 


All the topics he covers are vital for anyone studying Russian. 


While going into the scientific side of things, Denis doesn’t just limit himself to theory. After years spent on R&D, Denis is able to offer up practical solutions, ‘secrets’ and solid ideas that learners can implement.

How can you conquer your fear and start speaking Russian? What role does pronunciation play and how can you improve it? How can you speak grammatically correct Russian? How can you boost your vocabulary, even with a bad memory? And lots more...