The private bonus section. 
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The private bonus section 
Repetition Lesson

For readers of chapter 1. ‘Pronunciation can ruin everything’

The Repetition lesson is a highly effective 4-in-1 lesson.

You will learn to speak quickly and confidently and understand Russian speech. 

Storytelling Lesson

For readers of chapter 2. ‘Fluent autopilot Russian – dreams come true’

The Storytelling Lesson is one of the most powerful ways to learn to speak Russian.
With no stress, you will learn to hold a conversation, answer questions and become a more confident Russian speaker.

Grammar Variations Lesson

For readers of chapter 4. ‘Grammar every day’

Grammar Variations lessons will help you master Russian grammar without having to learn masses of grammar rules.
Short stories written in different tenses will help you ‘absorb’ Russian grammar.

Pronunciation mini-lesson

For readers of chapter ‘Pronunciation can ruin everything’


In this video, in just 2 minutes, you will learn about the 7 most ‘unfriendly’ Russian sounds – sounds that are the toughest for Russian language learners.
Watch the video and maybe it won’t seem so scary after all!