Become a more effective Russian learner

What Will You Learn?
  • Why natives speak so quickly and how you can ‘slow them down’. 3-in-1 exercises that develop spoken speed and improve pronunciation

  • Why learners have trouble with understanding Russian speech and how you can learn to listen ‘correctly’ (no teacher needed!)

  • How to ‘fix’ a bad memory and grow your vocabulary

  • Why grammar is so hard for learners and techniques to simplify Russian grammar

  • How and why written Russian exercises can be useful (you might think the written aspect sounds boring and tiresome)

  • The most powerful technique to speak Russian fluently with no stress or language barrier

How This Book Will Help You Master Russian?
  • First step. Become familiar with the ‘building blocks’ of language learning

  • Second step. Find your language problems and discover their root causes

  • Next, find solutions that work by using examples from other language learners just like you

  • Finally, get your video lesson and immediately start to put these highly-effective techniques into practise

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More Good Stuff
  • Explanation of the 6 most common Russian learning mistakes. I believe that understanding the root of a problem is one of the keys to success

  • You can implement what you learn from the book right away – access your bonuses and in just 2 minutes you’ll start to understand the benefits of this method

  • SPECIAL bonus:  33% discount code for 30 lessons from our Russian language course!



What People Are Saying

You are a super teacher, I am motivated to learn the Russian language which I think is fantastic!


Andrea, Italy

The storytelling lessons are more helpful than conversation with most native speakers.


Mariko, Japan

You know that i was learning Russian for 3 months and now you solved all my pronunciation problems of words in just 13 minutes.







The Teacher's Code

Ethics is extremely important for teachers, perhaps more so than for doctors even.


I’m not trying to sell you this book at any cost or force some other product on you. I give you my honest, expert opinion. I tell you about my experience and tell you what gets results and what doesn’t.


The aim of this book and the bonuses is to quickly and simply explain to you everything I know about learning Russian

You can be amazing Russian speaker. This book will teach you how!


Denis P. Ivanov